Friday, August 17, 2012

Feathers and a Re-shoot

Feather Collar

 Yes, I've made another reversible collar(lol!) 
The original intention was to make it for myself, I just love the feathers and aqua velvet ribbon.

 But, fortunately I have enough for 2!
So, this one will go in the shop

I took new photos of them on hangers. I wish I had a vintage dress form to display them on~Meanwhile I thought this wooden hanger made a good stand in.
I promise, I'm working on something other than collars-but I really enjoy making these-especially the reversible ones.-I have a hand embroidered project coming soon...

Have a cheery weekend :)


Heather said...

These are SO cute! And what a great idea to make them reversible. That black and white one is soooo adorable. love it!!~

Pomona said...

If I really get into something, I make endless versions too - each one a bit different! It is a good way to work through your creativity.

Pomona x

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