Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reversible Peter Pan

I can't seem to stop making these. I added a narrow black velvet ribbon to this one to make it reversible(rather than a one way hook and eye)
You can wear it with a plain tee and add the collar on the one side, then flip it to the other on another day-or even for night-3 looks in one! Great for travel, no?
I bought the tulip print at one of my favorite Ohio shops. They featured my collars on their blog Monday.Check it out :)
I am trying to use less cutesy fabrics-maybe a little more modern? or less frilly? Maybe it's just my current mood.


Martina said...

This is very chic - so stylish Andrea!

Happybee said...

I love this Andrea!!!!
super cute!!!
and love the fabrics combo!!!
Have a nice rest of the week!!!

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