Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Designing Collars

I have been working over and over on patterns for the collars. I draw one tweak it, tweak some more and soon the final version looks almost nothing like the original.

 I made a reversible/non reversible version & for 2 different sized collars- like the one up on top- I think it may be a bit too big though?
The bottom one is my original collar and the one in the middle is the newest. It's somewhere in between the 2 sizes. So far, I like it best...and it's the one I thought for sure wouldn't turn out and almost gave up on it before sewing it together!

Here it is on a 'model'

I also didn't top stitch this one as per a certain someone's request. I like the way it looks but I have to sew the opening closed by hand-not my favorite thing to do :0

I have a few patterns I've been working on in hopes of getting them into my shop or maybe brick and mortar shops someday?
For now things have been summertime slow so I've been following along and taking my time posting here and sewing. 
I do want to get a bunch of new things made up before school starts (better move quickly!)so I'll be ready when the holiday season picks up....And I'd like to do something I haven't done here yet~ shows this season ~
What have you been up to lately?


Pomona said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I love those collars - so very vintage looking! I keep wanting to sew but work gets in the way - oh dear!

Pomona x

Lisa said...

Lovely .. the simple style is so pretty & feminine.
I just got home visiting family 300 miles east from here . I brought back my sister & niece . fun and busy!

Laura in IA said...
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andrea creates said...
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andrea creates said...

laura-woops, i somehow deleted both your comment and my reply...
that's interesting,i've never seen this particular pattern.
these collars are currently very trendy/popular~ a google search finds any number of designers making them for well over a hundred years ~
as you can see, i've got several different versions i've come up with myself :)

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