Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Finally got a volunteer model to stand still long enough to take a photo ;)

Trying to get slowly back into the back to school schedule groove-with kid pick up times, I literally have just 15 minutes to sit down before I have to get back up and go to another school. Everywhere we ever lived as far as I remember, schools got out within a half hour or so of each other~not so here-these guys get out at almost an hour and a half apart. Just enough time to drive through crowded parking lots,carpool, get back and it's time to run again. And so late too for the younger ones.

O.k off to make some things and stock up the shop.


Christie Cottage said...

Ahhh... yes, the days of running from school to school to pick up kids. Then there was ball games across town. Drop one off take the other, go back for first child, pick them up and them back to the other,. I couldn't watch the games!


andrea creates said...

lol,yes very busy times :)

kt40s said...

okay I have been away too long! when did you start making these incredibly sweet bows!! I LOVE them. andrea I admire you for always pushing outside the box and coming up with something brilliant again and again.
xo katy

Happybee said...

this is so lovely Andrea!!!!
have a nice week!!!

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