Monday, September 3, 2012

Emma Lamb Feature and Thanks :)

Today my collar was featured as part of a group on Emma Lamb's lovely blog. What an honor!!
I belong to her 'Making Everyday Beautiful' group on Flickr. There are so many beautiful photos there ~Check it out :)

Sometimes we wonder if we're on the right path creatively or not. We spend our days making things, wondering if others will like them as much as we do...if we should bother making more of something, wondering if someone will 'get' why we put a certain color, pattern or embellishment together...

 We don't always get feedback or may only hear from friends and family who are more often than not, going to give positive words about a new creation. But when others whom we don't know personally, compliment our work, it's especially reassuring. Thanks to all who have shared their kind words and positive compliments here on the blog, flickr, etsy or in person :)

Have a super lovely day~ We have the day off so I'll be making up some more goodies for sure!


koralee said...

I adore your collars...they are really the going thing right now...yours are adorable. Happy September my friend. xoxo

Lisa said...

well put! you should righfully be in "making everyday beautiful" .. everything you create brings a sunny smile!

Emma Lamb said...

Dearest Andrea,
I am so happy you loved seeing your gorgeous wee collar on my blog yesterday! Thank you so much for being part of 'making everyday beautiful', it is always such a pleasure to have your gorgeous submissions. Your work and your photography are so beautiful and so uniquely you. I really mean that too! You have such a great eye for wonderful colour and pattern combinations which makes your work all the more special. Your pieces are cute, electic and oh so wonderfully pretty!
Just a wee bit of feedback from someone who truly admires your work... :)
Keep it up!
Emma, xx

andrea creates said...

thank you so much ladies!!

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