Friday, August 31, 2012

Bird Bags and Hair Barrettes

 I've been enjoying hand stitching embroidery floss around details of some of my most current projects...

 This was the bag that was going to be a sling bag a few posts back. I never did find a strap like I wanted so I just added the faux leather on the side as a little tab detail...

 and I made up another big bow barrette using a print from one of my favorites :)

As you can see I'm building up inventory. I can hardly move through my fabric stash so I have multiple reasons to get stuff made up.Plus I'm contemplating a local show~ 

~Have a super weekend~

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Charming Indeed! Love your wonderful details .. it is what sets you apart & makes your creations so special .♦

I would love to be in a show .. I was asked this summer but got cold feet. We have the Farm Chicks not far away where my mom lives. I would LoVe to be involved with that!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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