Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rosy Pocket Clutch

 I love making these little pocket clutches(pattern by michellepatterns)

 They don't require all that much fabric, and you can add little details easily.

 On this one, I stitched around the roses in pink embroidery'll probably have to click on the photo to see ;)

There are 2 inside pockets. Small, yet they are oh so useful! I use mine all the time and stash gum, aspirin and so forth. I just noticed this one fits my smart phone that measures about 5 x 2.75 inches...Handy!
: )


koralee said...

Love these colours my have such an eye for matching fabrics. xoxo Happy day to you

Lisa said...

sweet & absolutely adorable ... ♦♦

Lola Nova said...

So very pretty! Love the fabrics!

Happybee said...

this is super cute!!!
have a lovely week end!

Martina said...

Oh no, SO sweet Andrea!

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