Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lazy Week

 I've been having a lazy week. I decided to go ahead and let myself have a break.Recharge some creative batteries ;)
I have these tea bag wallets I made up awhile ago I wanted to share...along with some lace panels I will be sure to include in an upcoming project...
 The weather's turned to cool crisp fall temperatures and grey drizzly days ~ Just perfect for a cup of tea,no?

amy butler, michael miller and anna maria horner fabrics

 To get some inspiration, I visited a local fabric shop. Love these new Amy Butler organic cottons. They are a bit different than her usual colors and style I think. I am looking forward to making something with them. Maybe some collars? Or pretty pouches?


Martina said...

Great idea to have a lazy week - i need one too! And the new fabrics are gorgeous!

Pomona said...

It is always good to have a break - you will get back to things feeling refreshed and inspired!

Pomona x

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