Friday, October 12, 2012

Liberty and Amy Butler Peter Pan Collars

 I made up the collars from the fabrics I've bought recently. Love them :)

 This print is from Liberty's Lifestyle line

 I paired it with a tiny red polka dot
and aqua velvet ribbon.

I also made an Amy Butler organic cotton collar in the same print combo as the headbands I did recently.

 this one has a sky blue vintage velvet ribbon.

and of course, the velvet ribbons make them reversible...


Heather said...

Oh! these are SO. Darn. cute! Love the patterns you choose, always! And these collars are so dainty and sweet!

andrea creates said...

thanks heather :) choosing the prints to put together is my favorite part!

Lisa said...

Oh how I do love Liberty ~ these are adorable!!!

...Tabiboo... said...

They are very gorgeous and Liberty too.

Nina x

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