Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Petite Tutorial For a Seed Stitch Earwarmer Headband

This is a tutorial for a super simple earwarmer /headband.
Keeps your ears toasty, disguises bad hair days and looks stylish too :)
You can use any kind of yarn in any kind of gauge with any appropriate sized needles.
I used a yarn by 'elle rae', and if I hadn't thrown away the tag, I would be able to tell you which one it is exactly ;), but I do know that it is a 'heathered' wool in a golden yellow...P.S, I used size 5 needles.
You will need:
*Soft tape measure 
*Straight needles in size corresponding to yarn 
*Darning needle


Measure the circumference of your head, or whomever you're making the headband for.

Cast on an odd amount of stitches(this is what makes the seed stitch pattern) until you reach the width you would like your headband to be. (You could also cast on an even amount of stitches and alternate row 1 with: knit 1 purl 1 and row 2 with: purl 1 knit 1 ...but it's easier for me to remember the 'odd' way :)
I went for about 3 1/2 inches wide, and cast on 17 stitches for this one.

Here I stitched on a 'flower' instead of making the 'wrap piece'.

Row 1: Knit 1, purl 1 to end of row.

Row 2: Turn, knit 1 , purl 1 to end of row.

Continue in pattern until the headband is just about the desired width.(Wool, acrylic and some other types of yarns will stretch so I usually make mine about 1/2-1 inch shorter than the desired circumference.) 

Bind off in pattern leaving a long tail.You will use the tail to stitch the headband ends together. 
Thread the darning needle with the yarn tail. Use a mattress stitch to sew the headband ends together.

For the headband 'wrap piece':
This is the piece that goes around the headband to gather it.
Cast on an odd number of stitches until your piece is as wide as you'd like. I usually make mine about 3 inches wide, give or take, going for slightly narrower than the headband is wide.

Repeat seed stitch pattern as above until the 'wrap piece' is  wide enough to go around the headband width wise, gathering it as tight or as loose as you'd like.(I made mine about 3 3/4 inches long.)
Bind off as above, again leaving a long tail.

Pinch the headband at the seam to gather it a bit. I usually fold it in half, then fold the back the edges toward the center again. Just play with it 'til you like the look.You could also make a running stitch with your yarn from top to bottom and pull tight to gather.Just make sure to flatten it a bit after so it lays flat against your head. Take a few whip stitches to keep together.
Next, center the 'wrap piece' around this gathered section, matching both ends together and making sure the seam ends up on the 'wrong side' of the headband. 
Mattress stitch the ends as you did the headband, making a few stitches through the headband at the back so the 'wrap piece' stays in place.

Voila -your new earwarmer is done! Stay Cozy :) 


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