Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snowflakes and Double Chocolate

The weather forecast called for snowflakes the other day...
 These are the only ones I've seen around here :)
I saw these glittery cardboard snowflakes on a wiry spool and thought I could do something neat with them.
I dreamed up snowflake bobbies, but I'm not so sure now that the cardboard part is a brilliant-no pun intended-idea.(?) I will still wear them.Would you?
I think they would make cute bookmarks too.

a new camera bag/wristlet~pattern by

 I love making these little wristlets- the fabric is called 'double chocolate' from Moda. What a perfect name for the season-or anytime if you ask me :)


koralee said...

Love your little pins...I am always wearing things like this in my darling. Happy day to you...hope you are creating!

Martina said...

Oh, what a sweet little present these would make - and - double chocolate sounds just as delicious as they look!

Happybee said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog Andrea!
I loooove your pins!!!
I love to wear pins all year along and...these would be perfect for winter!!!
Happy week Andrea!!!

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