Thursday, February 28, 2013

Liberty and a Coupon Code

Thanks for all of your kind words regarding my fall.
I have been slow to get back to work this week.I'm still sore and haven't been sleeping well and therefore a little uninspired.

My bird bag has not been cooperating and I've had to redo several things on it several times. 
So I've decided to put it aside for now and work on something that's pretty fail proof for me when inspiration takes a vacation...

I've changed this one up a bit, in that it's not top-stitched, just hand stitched closed. 
I've also done both sides the same.You can reverse it but you'll have the same print ; )
I love wearing the headbands I've made for myself.They're great for every day and bad hair days, lol.
I've got some Liberty in pastels that I think would be great for Spring, coming soon though you wouldn't know it looking out our window at the falling snow .
Just for fun, here's a coupon code, good 'til March 15th on all headbands in the shop:
It's good for $2.00 off  : )


Paula said...

Hi sweet Andrea! Your headbands are beautiful! Love the Liberty prints. I look forward to seeing the spring ones. Your work is always gorgeous! Thank you for the coupon code. Sweetie, I was horrified to hear about your fall!!!! I am so sorry (and the dentist trip too!) Thank God you are safe and all is well. I can imagine how shaken you were. Please take good care of yourself and I pray you heal soon! Big, gentle hugs and lots of love! Paula xo

polkadotpeticoat said...

Those are the fabric, Heidi

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