Sunday, February 24, 2013

wip bruised

 I was planning to share my new work in progress the other day~ another one of my sling bags with the bird print I got recently...

I'm adding hardware to the strap to make it adjustable.

 And also possibly incorporating these...

But instead, I went to the dentist and spent a miserable 2 plus hours there.
Later that evening, when I finally was starting to feel better about some of that bad news, I fell down our stairs- from 7 stairs up, a landing, and the step just above that. I hit the tile floor below with a thud right directly on my cheekbone, banging up my shoulder feet and knees, rug burning both shins and somehow 'spraining' my wrist on the hand I didn't land. I saw a flash of light and just as a precaution went to the E.R where apparently, thank God everything I was told, was fine. I'm still sore and haven't been doing much but sit and watch t.v.
It was so shocking I was literally shaking for hours.
 I am not at all clumsy and the last time I remember falling was when I was less than 10 years old. I always envisioned being able to catch or stop myself along the way if I ever fell like that. Nope. It all happened so quick. One second on the step, the next on my face. Ouch!

Anyway, I will be slowly getting back to sewing this bag up soon.
I'm also working on some ideas for one of my patterns I hope to sell in the shop too. I'm using paints and pens & if all goes well, you'll see what I mean ; )


Lisa said...

Oooooo Ouch ....... it hurt just reading it ... it is such a helpless feeling isin't it.
One wintery Alaksa day I was going to open the truck door.. it was stuck a bit because of ice & on the parking lot was about 8 inches of ice. Well instead of opening the door I slipped down right under the truck. It was so fast & I saw that flash of light thing. It is a scary thing to do that! I am so glad you checked things out and are ok. Ouch.. rest well.

Pomona said...

You poor, poor thing - I hope that you feel much better very soon. Just take it easy for a bit so that you have time to recover.

Pomona x

Martina said...

Boy, Andrea, am sending you LOVE and healing energy! That reminds me of a trerrible holiday we once had, when i fell down the stairs and looked totally blue and green and hubby got missed in the mountains ... Take care and get well!

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