Sunday, March 24, 2013

Custom Orders

 Every so often I get asked to do a custom order. 
More often than not, I have been able to take on the project.

 Usually the customer will start by asking if I can make such and such an item, in a different print, or modified size, or multiples, or maybe even recreate something that's sold.
If they haven't already told me, I'll ask them what types of prints or colors they like, or if they've seen something in the shop that's caught their eye.

 Because it's all online, custom orders are a bit trickier and present a few more challenges. 
For example:
 It's a bit harder to show and explain the fabrics I have available.
Though I have more than a book shelf of fabrics on hand, I usually only have small quantities of each, and if you've seen a certain print in the shop, chances are I've used most of it on that same item.

This is the way I've come up with to show what I do have available. 

After giving me an idea of what they might like, I will go to the shelves and pull fabrics I think could work (and that I have enough of course)
Then, I'll iron the fabrics (if necessary), take photos, upload, edit in a program and number them.

Next, I'll add them to flickr and give the link to the customer. Hopefully there will be something they like. 
Sometimes there are quite a few convos involved.

 These are some recent photos of prints for such an order. 
If you are interested, Just convo me on etsy
;) I currently still have some of them available
for narrow headbands (Except #'s 1 and 7).

One thing I love about custom orders is that I'll use fabrics for things I might not have thought to use.
I love this polka dot.I think they always make great headbands :)

3 in a row
                                                        this may be a new favorite!

A new wide headband with a 'tribal vibe'. Not a print I would've normally chosen (this was recommended) but now I like how it looks on the headband, and it's grown on me :)


Lisa said...

I hear you ♦ totally agree. I have loads of fabric too .. but most in smallish quantities .. but that is what makes your works so wonderful and unique. When they have an Andrea creation they have a one of a kind delight!!

love the polka dots .. then scrolled down to the tribal.. Whoooo Whee that is gorgeous fabric!! Too cute as a headband!

andrea creates said...

thanks so much lisa :)

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