Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is Coming

I for one cannot wait~however the Spring feeling in my mind, is one of moderate temperatures and no storms.
The one I will get here is stormy, probably a few tornado watches and itchy bugs.

I will try and make the best of the warm sunshine and keep busy adding some colorful things to the shop:

Amy Butler pleated pouch with vintage buttons and a cabochon. These are nice as a mini clutch on their own or makeup bag etc.

Also Amy Butler fabrics, however this one is padded and a bit smaller.Would make a great phone cozy/wallet/everyday essentials bag.

Denyse Schmidt fabrics, also pleated and the same size as the top bag.

I've set myself a goal to add a certain number of each of my items to the shop~~so I've been on a sewing spree~~

I've been making (and selling) some headbands too.

1 comment:

noodle and lou said...

i just LOVE them... especially that first one. epitome of spring sweetness! happy weekend! xo...jenn

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