Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Meant to Be~ Art Deco & The Great Gatsby

These are some of my newest tie up headbands.
I love these art deco geometrics.
I'm not sure if the designer's  meant for them to be art deco, but that's what they remind me of. I love that era's style.

Sometimes things just won't cooperate. 
This one above, is one of those projects that gave me many problems.
For one reason or another each little mistake led to another. I had to modify the size. I picked threads-at least twice.I accidentally cut a hole in the fabric outside of the seam allowance :(
 I was so frustrated because this is the only amount of this fabric I had-and I love it. Why didn't I get more?Does anyone happen to know the name of it?
Anyway after my 3rd fix, I thought I had the problems all worked out and then, while stitching up the opening, I saw the hole had not been cut out of the new size adjustment...
It's tiny and would probably never be a problem but I'm persnickety and a perfectionist with my projects, so I will be keeping this one for me ; ) maybe it was meant to be?


Martina said...

So cool! Love these Andrea!

Lisa said...

I'm thinking you wanted it all along because it is Ab•sooooolutely stylin'!!! ~ very gatsby! Love it!

I LoVe Art Deco/Art Nouveau .. it is my favorite era.

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