Monday, June 24, 2013

Denyse Schmidt Card Wallet

Just a little something new in the shop:

 I have the hardest time photographing dark colors.Sometimes they're too dark and look almost cartoonish.
inside pockets for your cards...
 Or they're so light little fuzzies appear,otherwise invisible to the naked eye.
These are taken in natural light!
I'll just try another day.
Meanwhile, this is one of my favorite projects...small and lots of fun details : )

I'm working on a new design for one~ involving zippers. I had a request for one, and have
made one before, but of course now I can't find where I've put the pattern.
I usually file them all in clear sheet protectors in binders. But no apparently, or else I made it up as I went along last time (?), this time I'm making a new one...

Stay tuned for that, and the delicious pistachio ice cream we made over the weekend.Yum!

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