Friday, June 21, 2013

Japanese Quilting

 My library hardly ever gets any new craft books that I haven't been through a few times.

So the other day when I spied this one on the shelves I quickly snatched it up.
I love the look of Japanese quilting and haven't done much myself-if any.
I always love the unique shapes, fabric textures and colors. The hand quilting is inspiring...

 I do have quite a few Japanese craft books, as we used to live near a Japanese bookstore and a few local 'Mom and Pop' fabric shops carried Japanese fabrics...I probably went once or twice a month.

I have a hard time using the fabrics in my stash now since both the bookstore and fabric shop are not only no longer near, but the fabric store is closed completely.

Anyway, I was inspired to try the 'hexagon bag' from this book, and if that doesn't work out, maybe the 'log cabin bag'. 
As you can see above, I've already started on a, new to me, color scheme stash.
Inky blacks that look almost blue, and beiges...
Surprisingly some of the names of these fabrics have something to do with snowmen?!

The ladies in the store said these looked good together so I hope they work out. 
I have no idea how many different prints I really need, I think a lot more, and so I hope to find some more shades of deep purples and maybe a rose to add to them...

reminds me of a tortoise shell :)

 Did I mention I rarely have time or patience for hand sewing or patchwork? :0
We'll see how it goes...
Sometimes the mood strikes and I just want to do my crafts completely by hand.
Maybe that's why I've taken up knitting after a little break?

 I'm always open to some new inspiration.


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Yes, new inspiration .... so refreshing! Happy rest of sunday!

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