Monday, June 17, 2013

Pattern Review 3 part 2...Another Angel Face Beret

I haven't knit since last year, but I've recently picked up the needles again.
What better way(excuse to buy new yarn) to restart a hobby than to make something for someone?

I have made this Angel Face Beret before~ and I think I had a hard time with it the last time if I recall. 
The pattern's written for straight needles and I did it on a circular, in which case I should have eliminated a few stitches.I just took up the extras in the seam.

This one was done on straights, and think I want to try the round way again, it just seems more natural for me for a hat...

The next one's already on the circs ;) And I'm pretty sure I cast on the right amount of stitches.

Anyhoo all my info is here on my ravelry page.
I threw away the yarn tag but I know it's a mercerized cotton from Greece.If I can find the info I will post it.
Otherwise the pattern is very straightforward for a lacy type beret.
I only had to undo a couple of rows once or twice-this is my own fault as I get easily distracted and forget what I've just done in lace patterns... ;0

Hopefully it's intended recipient will like it :)

The pattern is from the Tahki Stacy Charles' Garden Variety booklet.


Sophie said...

Oh this hat is just lovely. I may have to try it out myself although sounds a bit challenging for me and my basic knitting skills.

Sophie said...
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Becca said...

It's pretty Andrea! I don't know anything about knitting except that I love the look! I think I have enough on my plate right now still figuring out crochet! Lol

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