Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Limited Time Prototype

Working on something new...

When you're time is super limited and you're spread thin among a bunch of things, it's hard to decide what to do next, especially if you have a new idea in your head.(obviously speaking as a designer/maker of things).

 I had to debate over: making things I know I should be making/ stocking up on this morning for the holiday season~or~
making this new bag I've been thinking about since yesterday.
It's based on a hatbox.
You'll see what I mean when I'm done when I'm done : )

This is of course the protoype.
 In my mind this was a rosy floral or possibly a faux leather I picked up yesterday...
I can already see the things I will do differently next time...

I haven't made a purse/ bag in so long I forgot some of the basic concepts!
And yes, that is my cereal bowl in the top corner.Multitasking...quick!!

1 comment:

vintage grey said...

It is looking pretty so far! Have fun making it! ;) xo Heather

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