Friday, September 13, 2013

Saffron Yellow

I'm trying to put things in the shop that are Autumn~like in color...

 I have been finding fabrics in my stash that I forgot I had! Somehow, some of them had gotten 'misfiled' (hastily put away in an unrelated type fabric box in an attempt to straighten things up) :0

I think I was always afraid to use this voile.(btw how do you say voile? I say :v-w-a-l, as you would in French. I was so surprised to hear 'voil' ((rhymes with oil)) in stores, that I avoid asking for it! )
It's pretty sheer and very lightweight so...I got a fine needle and think these headbands are perfect for the weight of the fabric.
Voil~a : ) (vwallah,lol)

I'm so tempted to keep this one, but I've put it in the shop.

I have a new idea for another style...Just have to find some more voile.
I'll keep you posted : )


The Feisty Redhead said...

Ohhh that is lovely! I never can pull of wearing yellow, but I think a headband would be a good way to wear it without making it overwhelming.

Martina said...

Sweet - the yellow looks so sunny!

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