Monday, September 16, 2013

Country Living Fair 2013

a pretty doily,buttons and a few cards from some favorite booths

I wish I had taken more photos of actual booths and scenery-but I'm always so overwhelmed with where to look & go next that I spend my day with my camera in my bag.That's not such a  bad thing, I get to really enjoy the moment. Don't you hate when you realize you've been at an event with your face behind a camera the whole time?

I did take some photos of the things I got that day in Columbus~

First stop:Sew to Speak.
We always make it a point to stop here at one of my favorite fabric stores...

 Some new favorites.I'm not sure what I'm making, but I can't wait ;)

Mary~ it was so nice to see you again : ) thanks for being so patient and cutting all of these small pieces and trims for me!!

I really love this one by Anna Maria Horner
 Next stop: The fair
A pretty doily and vintage buttons.For a change, I do have plans for that sparkly button on top.

some miscellaneous ribbons and trims, both from the fair, and sew to speak.

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Pallas said...

I saw the fair advertised in their magazine, and thought how fun it would be to go. Great fabric. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

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