Tuesday, October 15, 2013

And Blue

Sorry for the slightly blurred photo- the lighting has changed a lot in the past week and I have to readjust my set up.
I've been working on these-on the third now.They'll be gifts for the holidays...It's a fun little pattern-pretty basic crochet-something I need (easy) while I try and learn a few new tricks doing a much more complicated(for me) knit headband/scarf...Always several projects on the needles. 
How about you?Do you knit or crochet?Working on anything new?
pattern info in previous post


Heather said...

This is sweet! Love the color. Ive been knitting on a few projects lately-- working on a hat for my brother and also some baby things. Ive heard its going to be a cold winter, and this kiddo is gonna have plenty of hats and things to cuddle in! :)

vintage grey said...

So pretty! Love the color! Have a great day! Xo Heather

andrea creates said...

thanks girls!
heather,i've heard it's going to be a cold winter too :)

Lisa Zinza said...

very cute! I crochet .. granny squares .. that's about it .. Would love to learn tatting. Have you ever done that?

andrea creates said...

lisa-love granny squares, i'm thinking of doing a pillow with my random yarn...no i haven't tatted but i might check into it :)

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