Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oilcloth Roll Up Organizer

I have made up quite a few roll up crochet hook/dpn/pens and pencils organizers and I know some people would like to use them for makeup and paint brushes too.

However, it seems like they wouldn't be the easiest things to clean if the brushes weren't totally clean when placed in the organizer....
So I realized today...

  1. I have a pile of oilcloth
  2. I wanted to make roll up organizers that were more cleanable for paint-especially-brushes
  3. Voila-the cleanable oilcloth roll up brush holder.

I even brought out my special scallop edge scissors for the edging : )

I'll make a few see how it goes at least 'til my oilcloth runs out ; )
What do you think?

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