Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crocheted Beanies

...and the honey colored hat gets added to the collection.

Though they all are different sizes tall, they're all for adults, or older kids.

I bought 2 new books yesterday, 1 knitting and 1 crocheting(!)~ I will mostly be doing the hats and maybe some cowl patterns as they're all for gifts and ---I just love making hats!
There I go again with the small projects.
I think as a Mom, I feel like, I rarely feel like I get anything completely done.-Laundry, dishes, cooking etc etc...finish one up and you're ready to start all over again. These smaller projects, making things by hand~give me a sense of getting something 'really' done. Don't worry, I only ever knit when the day is done and or I'm watching t.v or homework help multitasking-
I'm off to make chili and some sort of dessert-and get to work on those new projects...I'll share them soon : )


millefeuilles said...

They are lovely, Andrea, and I totally get what you say: 'a mother's job is never done'.

I love your photos.


Martina said...

So sweet these hats - i noticed, these are so in fashion now! Chilli sounds good to - will make dinner now as well!

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