Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dusty Tones

I've got a small collection of some of these tone on tone beigey mauve, lilac and blue fabrics that I was collecting for a Japanese pattern project I never got around to (yet). 
Don't worry I still have enough left(!) ; )
They're not my usual color 'go-to' choices-but I like them just the same.
My taste in design, color and style is so eclectic, I don't know if I could choose a favorite.
Everything from sleek modern to froufrou-bright colors and faded pastels and most colors in between.
I think I mentioned before I'm not so much a 'favorite color' person but more of a 'favorite color combination' fan.
Right now I'm liking bluish, turquoisy teals and chartreuse a lot, and gold with soft blush pink ... Anyway...

Today I wanted to make a small project with some new to me colors-and had just enough time for this wristlet.

I like these little bags-just small enough when you don't want to bring lots of things with you-quick trips to the post office, school and so forth~or parties?-Yet just big enough for a phone, keys & little wallet...

you can't really tell here, but the lining is a tone on tone with criss cross/hatch marks and floral design.
When I was putting the wristlet together, I decided it needed some lace trim. 
Sort of Zakka -like.
Now I feel like it may need a button or another little embellishment too.What do you think?Enough like this, or something else?

1 comment:

JJ said...

I like it. The lace was a nice touch.

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