Thursday, October 24, 2013

French Girl Knits

yarn by madeline tosh
At the Country Living Fair, I bought a book that I'd had my eye on for awhile now...

 I originally started with the Tartine hat and struggled a bit with the edging at the beginning...It's on standby for now. 
I find if I put a pattern aside for awhile, it magically makes sense at a later date, (which I'm glad to say, that with determination, I finally got it).

Meanwhile, I set the project aside for ....
The Jasmin Headwrap.

This one was a bit of a challenge in that there were quite a few things I'd never, or rarely done before...
*Lace patterns -done, though on (much) smaller projects.
*Charts (done and once I get into the swing of it, it's o.k, though I prefer not to).
*The y/o before purl stitches ...I always forget how and have to research...
*The cast on was also new to me and I spent 3 days(embarrassing) trying to get that and the beginning of the chart right!! Once I finally got it ~ it was no problem at all and I finished the headwrap up pretty quick.Why is it that happens? 3 days of struggling, then something clicks and it goes smoothly ?

Anyway, I'm now on another, new to me, part.
The end.
Or I should say, the Kitchener stitch.
I have boggled this up so much I finally put it aside for the night (again).
I even lost some stitches. Not sure how I'm going to fake that. 
I looked up some grafting videos on youtube, because the written instructions just weren't working for me.
So, later on I'm going to put on a video and watch and work at the same time and get this done!

Yes, those are different sized needles.It's a long story :0

I do think next time I will just work one end of this scarf to the next, no grafting in the middle.I don't think anyone's going to notice if the leaf pattern is going 'up' on one side, and 'down' on the other~which I suppose is the reason for writing the pattern this way...)


vintage grey said...

Looks beautiful already! I don't think I could knit. It looks harder than crocheting! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

Lisa Zinza said...

you are a gal of many talents! isn't youtube marvelous for look ups!! my son is engrossed in polymer clay right now .. it is amazing the instruction videos you can find!!

andrea creates said...

heather-thanks! i feel like knitting is a bit harder for me, but i like to do both.i think it just depends on the pattern.

lisa, yes it has been a knitting project saver,youtube.
i've learned at least 2 different stitches and cast ons that way!

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