Friday, October 11, 2013

Gathered Pouch

This is another one of those projects I just started without knowing what the end result would be...No particular plan in mind.No pattern to follow...just make as I go...

 I wanted to make a(nother) type of gathered pouch.I seem to like making these kinds of bags.This time though, I gathered both the top and the bottom.

 I also added a little strap in a dusty rose/bronze two tone combo.
I love chartreuse, and since the roses had touches of this golden color, I added some of my favorite seam binding to the strap.

The bottom is slightly rounded.The inside of the bag is only about 5x5 inches.It doesn't fill up the entire shape of the exterior. Maybe next time I'll make that bigger, not sure yet.
The pouch is padded and I was able to fit my little digital camera in it.
Fabrics are Japanese cotton and the lavender button is vintage : )

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kt40s said...

i am crazy about this pouch!

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