Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It All Has To Go

...O.k, maybe not all of it, but a good sized portion.

beige/green/dusty rose/blue

This has been a trying week and I don't want to go into many details as this is a positive, happy part of my day, and it's not fun for others to read about, but between cars breaking down twice just in a week, and medical stuff, my mood in looking around my studio is just to get rid of it all-or at least all of the things that I don't, or will not use any time soon. I think of it as 'Spring cleaning in the Fall' : )

Giving my blog readers first chance...
If you're interested in any of these fabrics from my stash or would like more details about the sizes they are and so forth-please leave me a comment here...Otherwise I will probably start listing them in the shop starting tomorrow. 
Maybe in groups as they are photographed? I'm not sure...

Starting with my box that I have sorted and labeled as 'whites', as in: they mostly have a colorful design on  a white(ish) background... I am starting with these(and the ones above ; ) ...



Most, if not all of them are designer fabrics, I may or may not remember what the name is, if it isn't on the selvedge....
& Most, I think, are approx.fat quarter sized or about 1/4yd. wide by the width of the selvedge or less. It just depends which...and I think all of them have been pre-washed and ironed.


susan branch/urban chiks

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Martina said...

Dear Andrea, these fabrics are darling - love especially the last picture! Yes, i know it's not easy, when life is hitting on you, to pull of a bright and happy blogpost. Yet sometimes this challenge helps to make things better a little. Spring cleaning is always a good idea!
Cheers for better times to come - have a lovely rest of the week!

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