Friday, November 1, 2013

Waiting For Saturday

new small wristlet : )
I can't wait for the weekend this, weekend.* 
For why, read the bottom of this post-otherwise... I want to share a new wristlet I made today!!

I really want to load up the shop for the holidays~maybe get up to 100 items soon!!

This one is in the shop now, it would make a perfect bridesmaid gift, or any occasion really.

here you can tell how small it is ~perfect for a few essentials, or as a makeup pouch :)
some lace detail and vintage button~fun!
floating bag ; )

It's almost lunch and I will eat, curl up with a blanket, watch a movie, and finish some knitting projects 'til school time~this time I'm working on the 'Tartine' hat from the French Girl Knits book.Again for me. I know I shouldn't because so many gift projects are on standby but ...I'll have time this weekend, right?...

*Not that the weekend will change much, but maybe I can at least sleep in a little?
This week...unbelievably the car broke down a 3rd time yesterday in between kid pick ups... I'm starting to think the mechanic doesn't know what's wrong? Lol.
I'm so frustrated. Amazingly the tow truck came soon enough after switching cars with someone else and running around in circles. The embarrassed mechanic fixed it -again-and today I'm trading and using the 'unreliable car' to get around cause I just don't believe the 'fixed' one, is.

Then Hallowe'en...This is the first year ever-besides the time I spent growing up in France- where we didn't trick or treat : (
Some kids are getting too old, others not so sure, and of course with the windy rain and tornado warnings we didn't go out (except to pick up fixed car) or even get many trick or treaters at the door.

That's just a condensed version of my week, I hesitate to post because I mostly want to stay cheery here  and post about pretty projects : )

Wishing you have a super, stress free weekend!! 

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