Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baby Wipes Sleeves

Remember a few posts ago, when I mentioned having a lot of children's themed fabrics?
One, because I was always drawn to them, and two, I had younger children.
Now, they no longer want things made with vintage looking puppies and cut out dolls.
I still love the fabrics but haven't made anything with them in ages....'til now.

I went ahead and made up a travel sized wipes pouch for the shop. I modified a design I did myself a few years ago. In fact a wipes case was the very first thing I sold in my shop!

I love this print, so I started with this one... A retro doggie print with matching plaid lining : )

If you like it, It's in the shop now...I'll probably make up a few more over the next few days...maybe a girl print next ?

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