Monday, November 25, 2013

Making Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

One of my all time favorite Holiday activities is getting out the craft supplies and making some new ornaments & decorations...

this is one of my girl's, we jokingly called it the 'Bucca di Beppo' of ornaments, since she put so many of the different decorations on. (if you've been there, you'll understand why)

We weren't sure what we were going to be making, I just kept grabbing boxes and drawers of things I thought we could work with, plus some new paints and clear ball ornaments we knew we wanted to use...Sometimes inspiration comes once you start to work on something.

You must have patience when making ornaments-this one literally took me a year to make! I put it aside last year of course, but finished it just yesterday ; )

 I got these boxes at Hobby Lobby. The lid comes off and there's a little removable square of cardboard which I took off completely. I'm not sure what these are for normally, but I thought they'd make cute scenes. I've got quite a collection of silvery little tinsel-perfect for borders : )
Pretty sure the deer are from H.L too...We bought lots of trees and supplies last year.

 One of my girls made this one.The paint is from the Martha Stewart line at Michaels. I bought the 'Pearl'metallic to make these balls...

The balls are clear plastic ones found at Walmart that we filled with the same paint. Unfortunately mine is still not dry! For the blue one, we diluted the paint which made it dry quicker and run less the next day.
The lighting is a little gloomy and we're preparing for snow, so I'm having a hard time getting a nice picture of these, but I think you can see how much fun we had making these : ) This one is mine, and the one below, one of my girls'. She's got another elaborate 'scene' going on
 : )

one of my boxes...


vintage grey said...

Love them all!! So pretty and sweet, and what fun treasures and memories you are making! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

kt40s said...

these are precious!

Happybee said...

wow Andrea!!!! they look fabulous!!!!
they are so unique and different!!!
Love them!!!
Hugs, Dany

koralee said...

Joy x 100....your decorations are adorable! Happy Thanksgiving to you. xox

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