Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knitting Away

This week, I feel like I'm running a marathon through my self imposed knitting and crocheting gift list.

This is the latest finished project.The Rubens Hat from the Knit With Me Book by Gudrun Johnston.I started this in another colorway and yarn that I had doubled for appropriate thickness, and was not liking how it turned out. Since I am only knitting for others right now, and I've noticed that most of the people on my list like neutral colors-not the bright or colorful skeins I am usually drawn to, I went for a grey in my stash that I knew I'd have enough of.
I love how it turned out. A lot. I actually like the grey-even for myself, and it might be a bit hard to give away~ but I wore it on a quick errand just 'to make sure' it wasn't itchy ; )
...and it was fine. I cannot remember what the name of this wool is unfortunately. I did knit it up on a size 9 as I always need to go down a size or several when knitting.
I learned a few new things with this one and probably frogged a few times...such as this particular mesh pattern. However once I got it going it was fine....We debated, my daughter and I, whether the person it was intended for would like the beanie or the slouchy version. I went for 5 pattern repeats, somewhere in between both, and love how it turned out. 


vintage grey said...

So cute and I love the grey! xo Heather

Martina said...

Such a cute hat! It's so windy here tonight - hats are much needed! Have a lovely evening!

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