Friday, December 6, 2013

Twisted Earwarmer Headband

Its our first snow day today~ You can't imagine how happy that makes me! I was awake at 4:20 dreading having to drive around picking up children in the snowy streets. By far, not my favorite pastime. Instead today, we will be crafting, baking, decorating, maybe some knitting and sewing, maybe some movie watching...I may be overly hopeful about the things we get done, but overall I think it will be a perfect day : )
As you may have heard from my previous posts, I have been trying to get through a pretty good sized gift list, knitting or crocheting my way through...

Some of my giftees just require something little as I might have something else for them or for whatever reason~
My girls were also saying: you always make the same things-not really, but, must appear that way after one hat too many!
Since I like making practical things, I thought headbands/earwarmers would be great for several reasons...I like how they look~and they're,

  1. a simpler, smaller project.
  2. it's pretty cold around here. Too cold for me, but that's another story...and that makes them practical...
  3. perfect for when you don't want to wear a hat, and still keep your ears frost free :0
  4. they knit, (or crochet) up quickly.Especially for those nicer, pricier yarns that you can only buy one of, that I seem to have a stash of....

I've been collecting patterns on Ravelry, of projects that I think would fit the bill.

So I made one~ and the photo is horrible I know....I was almost to embarrassed to post it, but...

The photo does not do it any justice, however I promise I didn't want to take it off when I tried it on. 
The pattern was super easy, one of those projects I need to work on when I don't want to do something complicated.

I'm just worried it seems too simple/plain/blah...I don't know. I wish I hadn't stitched the twist down. Maybe I'll add something too the twisted section~some kind of flower or bauble?

The yarn is a Louisa Harding that looked so much nicer before I blocked it. I think it's a wool /viscose blend in a grey blue, that was shimmery ever so slightly before blocking.
Another yarn whose tag I managed to throw away too soon.

I do like it ~maybe just not as a gift?
Might just be keeping this one for me? ;0

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