Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Heart Shapes

I've been working on, working on, some patterns and have made a few of these up to check my step by step instructions...This is one of the results...

 I have a few in the shop. They make great Valentine's Day gifts of course, but would be just as nice for bridesmaids, or weddings...
I only make a few a year, hence why I am working on a pattern. It's also to help me refresh my memory when I go to make something I don't make all the time, like these.
I thought this would be the easiest shape for me/us (my graphic designer/ future brother in law, lol) to recreate-it's essentially 3 pattern pieces, but the directions are some of the most complicated of anything I make. I couldn't even remember how this was done.There are no visible raw edges and getting the pieces to match up isn't as easy as it may look because of the way the zipper is angled-btw, the zipper is on an angle because it's meant to represent an arrow : )

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