Monday, February 24, 2014

Creative Encouragement

...or what I've been up to lately  post #1:

I think my creative inspiration comes in waves.

On sewing, it seems if I have inspiration, I have no time. So I change tactics and knit and crochet.  
My fingers are numb from those needles lately~I've had custom requests for different things, I'll share tomorrow...

Today for some creative encouragement, I thought I'd - with no pressure, go down to the studio and either sort through some new supplies, photograph, or maybe go through older supplies and destash...A little Spring cleaning...

 It's obviously not that I haven't found some fun new fabrics to work with!


These should help get me creating : )

  and of course some of my favorite threads : )

aren't these cute!? I swore I'd never buy fabric 'for kids' again (I have boxes), but these are so cute I couldn't pass... Wonder what I should make?...



Lisa Zinza said...

great fabrics .. lots of creativity there
my machine is in for tune up .. it runs miles and miles and I thought it needed a spa day! ... but I feel lost w/out it .. I may need to learn crochet :o)
actually it would be a grand time to organize .. ha ha

andrea creates said...

thanks lisa!
i love the 'spa day' for your machine :) great idea!

Amy said...

Ooooh, I love a nice stack of fabric. :)

And I SO wish I had time to make new things right now. There just aren't enough hours in the day.

vintage grey said...

Beautiful fabrics to play with and spark your creativity! xo Heather

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