Saturday, March 29, 2014

Center Pull

I don't know why, But I love taking photos of yarn cakes.

 I also like making yarn cakes(!) No calories involved, lol.

 I became obsessed with organizing my tangled jumble of yarn a few years ago and started making cakes out of all of my skeins and hanks.

 I found they were easier to stack that way and bought a cabinet too, but there were so many, the cabinet was not enough.
That year, I requested a swift for Christmas. Up until then, I was working with just a 'winder'and enlisting the help of people who were losing patience with my asking them to become a human swift ...

This Christmas, I got my wish.

A few weeks ago, the lady at the store where this yarn came from, asked me if I would like her to wind my yarn. As she wasn't particularly friendly, I simply replied, no, without going into detail. She looked so shocked(!) and repeated the question. 
I again replied:no, thanks, yes, I'm sure.....Sometimes I say, no thanks, I got a swift for Christmas! And they reply back: lucky! Lol ; )

1 comment:

koralee said...

What fun...I think I would love to make yarn cakes satisfying and pretty. Happy new week to you...happy creating.

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