Monday, April 7, 2014

Zelda Cloche

Oh noooo...I hate when this happens....I've been using this lovely Madeline Tosh yarn to make the Zelda Cloche.

I like to switch back and forth between knitting and crocheting and was intrigued by this project. Since I don't consider myself as good at crocheting as knitting, I didn't think I would get very far.

This is the part I thought would stump me, but it all worked out after one little glitch and a bit of a break. Sometimes you just have to step away and the next time you look at it, it all makes sense.

As I neared the end...I kept looking at my yarn cake and wondering if I would have enough....
I got this far...and as you can see....
I just need a few more rows to go to be finished... but only have enough for maybe 1...

My options are ripping it all out, hoping a 
1)smaller size will fit(I made the largest) 
and or 
2) driving a good 40 miles away, hoping the store I bought this from still has this in stock and paying for a pricier yarn for just a few rows of hat brim.

I am sure this will all get ripped out sometime today :/


Lisa Zinza said...

Ooo so pretty.. all that work to be ripped out .. chalk it up to "practice makes perfect?"
Can you use a contrasting color?

I love crochet .. I'm not good at reading directions on patterns however... it's like learning another language... :)

andrea creates said...

Lisa, that's a great idea and one i have been contemplating ..i think i will probably just rip it out though...reading patterns is tricky for me too.i didn't even think i'd get this far...! : )

vintage grey said...

Pretty color! I like the contrasting color idea! Hope you didn't rip! ;) xo Heather

DangAndBlast! said...

A bit late to the post, but for future reference - you can often find someone on Ravelry who has a few yards, a few skeins, or anything in between to pass along. Sometimes just for the price of postage, and nearly always cheaper than buying new. I've gone there for help with discontinued yarn and a nearly-finished sweater before.

andrea creates said...

That's good to know!Thanks for sharing that info : )

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