Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby Boy Shower Gifts

So many showers, so little time, lol.

Lots of babies around here lately and 2/3 are boys!

For some reason I have some boyish fabrics in my stash, and thought these were great opportunities to make up some of my wipes cases...

I also had a special request for this crown.
Again, like my ombre hat, if I remember right, I kind of did my own thing, though you can find a few patterns that are pretty similar online.

I've had a lot of knitting and crocheting inspiration lately and lost some of my sewing mojo- I'd like to get some of my ideas written out to turn into patterns.

 I'm still thinking of fabric and pattern designs too, I just need more time to find my sewing mojo and maybe a vacation-who doesn't, right?

P.S~ I got more yarn to finish up my hat :) I'll share a pic when I'm done..


Martina said...

What a sweet fabric - love it! Happy weekend to you!

Bekka Joy said...

I adore the crocheted crown! :)

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