Friday, May 30, 2014

A study In Orange and Blue

On to another patchwork bag-this one in oranges, pinks and blues.

These seem easy to put together -just gather a collection of scrappy sized pieces right?... but it's a little harder than it looks.And very time consuming.

First, you have to find the prints you want to use-or a color scheme. I knew that I wanted to work with these Amy Butler/Anna Maria Horner prints-they remind me of a summery boho chic vacation.

Next:Picking complementary pieces to put with them using only scraps I had on hand,I decided to go with blues. 

Then still needing more-added pink. I like to add touches of black, and there is some green too-
Each piece has to be stitched at least once and pressed in between rows and it's neighbors...

Just need to choose a lining and handles top-stitch and put it all together...
This tote is a lot larger-it should be ready for the next post :)

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