Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pink Orange Blue

Getting this tote finished up-Loving how the oranges pinks and blues came together. I didn't set out with a specific plan other than to use up my scraps. I really enjoy making functional things out of small pieces that can be made as mixy matchy as I want. A sort of artful collage.
Since I'm limiting myself to what I have on hand it becomes a challenge to get enough pieces that can work together.I like that the end result is a surprise.

This one seems very Summery to me with the bright citrus-y colors.

 A sort of Boho Patchwork Collage.
I'd like to make enough of these totes to use up all of my scraps.

The handles are not on yet, still deciding where to place them exactly.And picking out a lining-all up next.

1 comment:

Martina said...

Love these happy stripes - the inspire me somehow. Have a happy weekend!

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