Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Color Combos

Sometimes when I'm working on a project I get sidetracked by wanting to take pictures.Random things, like the back of this patchwork bag I'm working on...I liked how the colors looked-the pink thread on the green cotton, the white background and dark purple. I had to stop sewing because as soon as I stitch the next strip, this little montage will change. Anyway...I've got so many scraps and have been inspired to put them all together.Usually my projects feature just a couple of prints, but sometimes I like a little more hodgepodge...

I think I should have made this bag a little bigger-this will end up another grab and go size...I want to make one next to fit long knitting needles...project bags with lots of scrappy colors : )

Here's the remainders of my Mother's Day flowers.I just stuck them in this vase because it was the only one I had they fit in -but I think they look nice together-don't you?


Lisa Zinza said...

.... that's because you are an artist .. you don't just sew up fabric .. you create loveliness.

*and your flowers are pretty too... bright beautiful colors like your wonderful little bags :)

andrea creates said...

lisa-thanks so much for your compliments-you've made my day :)

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