Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hey Tambourine Bag...

I made up another bag. These may become addictive!

I had someone tell me they look like cd cases.I agree I suppose, but to me they look more like little tambourines, with the fringe at the bottom half.
 I also quilted this one around the flowers...

These buttons -and resin flower cabochon-are not sewn on yet.

I'm still trying to decide where to place them...and which side of the pouch is the front ;)

fabrics by amy butler


Lisa Zinza said...

so cute! I have the hardest time with zippers on a curve .. you have mastered it... you must know tricks! I love that they are uniquely Andrea Creates.. and both sides are adorable!

andrea creates said...

thanks lisa :)
there is a bit of a trick to doing those zippers on a curve-maybe i will do a tutorial on it one day?!

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