Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Out Of My Head

Sometimes I just can't get an idea out of my head until I actually get around to working on it.

This is one of those ideas:

I'd been thinking it would be new (to me) to work on a round bag.  
Envisioning some fun trim around the edges and some of my Amy Butler fabric stash, 
I first went to Pinterest and Etsy to see if there were any similar pouches. I found round bags, but they weren't really what I was picturing.

  This is one of those projects I just go for. No sketching out a pattern or thinking through any kinds of instructions or step by steps...
Maybe that's what all the days thinking about it beforehand are for?

I used a Fiskars or Olfa-(I forget which I have) circle cutter, and opened it up to a size I thought would be nice, then added some to the edges for a seam allowance....Cut it out on paper to check size, then out of the fabric.

 I chose an upholstery type fringe that came in a package from the scrapbook paper store,

and stitched that to the bottom half. It probably would have been too hard to sandwich between the zipper/batting and fabrics...

I love how it turned out!
It's always so satisfying when one of those ideas works out. 
I might add some of my buttons, and then this one will more than likely end up being a gift.
Off to make up some more : )

1 comment:

vintage grey said...

Oh, I love it and the fabric and trim is so pretty!! xo Heather

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