Monday, May 19, 2014

Zipper Tip For Rounded Items

O.k, I think this'll be my last circle/tambourine bag for awhile.I struggled a bit with finding just the right color trim and getting the ric rac on wasn't easy for me.Neither was the zipper.

I chose this zipper for the color,which I'm always super particular about, but wanted to mention that I've struggled less with ykk zippers.They're a bit harder for me to find around here so I went with color and availability over trusting my instincts.

 I won't mention the one I used by name because I love their zippers and they still are usable on a project like this-maybe if you have a bit more zipper experience and patience, lol.

ykk are a bit more flexible so they go around the curves easier.I also clip into the zippers but I'll save the details for a tutorial one day. I think I've only ever used 2 or 3 zipper brands before, and just 2 for this particular project.Just wanted to mention...

fabric:garden party by anna maria horner

1 comment:

Martina said...

LOVELY fabric - speaks SUMMER to me - and JOY! Have a very happy week!

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