Friday, May 23, 2014

Getting Serious... Card Wallet Discount

Alrighty- I am getting serious in my 'cleaning out the studio' routine. It's making me nervous having all of these supplies on hand that-believe it or not, there are quite a few of I won't be using...and need to purge-like fabrics and possibly books and magazines(arts and crafts related of course). I've been adding the fabrics in destash groupings here ,here ,here and even here.More to follow soon!

I'm also wanting to make some more goodies~ so I want to send some of my current things off to new homes...
Like these 'curvy card wallets'.I thought I'd give my blog friends a heads up... so I've gone ahead and numbered them here if you'd like one just go ahead and drop me a note in the comments section. Otherwise I'll be adding them to the shop very soon-like now, lol. Oh-I'm also offering them up for $12.00 a piece. I'll take an extra $2.00 off if you buy 2 :)I'll keep this deal going 'til June 1st.
P.S: I've gotten lots of compliments on these wallets-they hold your business cards, or even paper money-, coupons etc etc...very handy!

Now, back to my cleaning routine...

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