Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hado Hat -Continuing On My Knitting Spree

My wrists are sore and my fingers worse, however I cannot seem to stop knitting.
Is it a 'problem' if you're arms are too sore to do one more repetitive motion, yet you sit and crave a new project -or even a current one to work on?

I try to justify my addiction by looking around at all of the yarn I have and trying to use all of the skeins up. But, I just end up at the store needing something else to finish a project or a new pattern requires something I thought I had, but not apparently.

Recently I purchased Olgajazzy's Hado Slouch pattern thinking it would answer my need to use up the large amount of 'skinny yarn' I have on hand. I try to justify pattern purchases with the excuse of being able to use up some of my stash ; )

I chose 4 skeins -not too convinced of the color combination, and was even less sure as I went on. It just wasn't working.So I scrapped it and chose this one. I have a habit of starting projects with yarns and setting the label aside, then changing the project/yarn and completely losing the tag by then.I believe this is a Malabrigo Rios in English Rose colorway.If I find that tag i will update this....

I cannot tell if the wave pattern is as obvious as the sample they had in the store, but I like how it turned out anyway. I only did 2 pattern repeats on size 2(U.S) needles throughout.
I might keep it for myself : )

I have a bazillion more projects currently planned-off to do them now : )


Lisa Zinza said...

a slouch hat .. very cool and what a gor.geeeeee.ous color!!


koralee said...

Love the colour and pattern of your will not be long and we will be needing one of those. Hugs to you my friend...sorry I have not been around much

Martina said...

Wow, such a fabulous hat - the structure looks beautiful!

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