Saturday, July 26, 2014

Snail Twist Headband

As promised ....Here's a little something I've been working on knitwise...

The Snail Twist Headband by Laura Irwin

 I love projects like these. Small quantities of really nice yarn + a fairly easy pattern = a blissful sense of accomplishment in an otherwise never ending errand and chore filled day. Small patterns are about all I can gather up the energy to work on lately. Plus, I'm further behind on my gift making list than I thought I'd be at this time of year, so I need to work on things that look a little more complicated than they really are (especially to all of my non knitting friends and family), but don't take too much time-or yarn to make.

Once I tried it on, my girls said I looked like Princess Leia from Star Wars. I like to think of the twist as a rosette, lol... I will make a little tag with instructions not to wear the 'rosette', or snail, too far to the side of the head and slightly more towards the front ; )

The label for this yarn has long since disappeared. It's a super soft, most likely alpaca wool.
This one will be a gift-I already have another, about ready to be bound off the needles, in a teal color-same yarn as shown in the pattern designer's photos, but mine is the tweed version.
I also have plans to make one in an oxblood red. You can find my ravelry notes here.

I'm always going on here about my need to destash my fabric and other sewing supplies-but I also have a lot of yarn.
I go to a yarn shop on average once a week or 2, because amazingly, as much yarn as I have-it's never the right gauge, yardage or color required for my project. If you knit or crochet I'm sure you know what I mean.
 I do have a plan to eliminate some of this ever growing stash however...I've recently purchased a few hat/earwarmer/headband patterns and decided that I will reach into the yarn cabinet and force myself to make one with whatever yarn I pull out adding the finished project to my potential gift list recipient box.

Who knows, you may just see a few of them in the shop : )

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Martina said...

so pretty and soft ... will show it to a friend who loves to knit too! have a great day!

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