Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hipster Kitten Makeup Bag

I've been hoarding this fabric for a couple of months. My daughter said the kittens look 'hipster'. I think : 'cosmic' but not sure why.The kittens have a doily and floral background -definitely very kitsch ; )

The bag is pretty big. I think it'd make a great makeup bag for pencils and art supplies.
I'd probably toss in a knitting project for "on the go" would have been perfect for toting my project yesterday-we drove for hours and when I wasn't watching the gps-I had knitting needles in hand. 

Here you can see how big the bag is compared to a pencil:

I found this very wide twill tape in a matching color and made a little handle.You could hang it up : )

1 comment:

Martina said...

The cat fabric is very sweet - never seen anythink like that before! Have a fun weekend!

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