Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh Snap!

I decided that I will just keep making up little wallets like these 'til I run out of snaps...Don't worry-I am running low,lol. I was all set to go buy some more supplies the other day but decided not to until I sell one of these from this latest series I've been working on. 

 My daughter helped me pick out some fabrics for this wallet. I love this Echino print, and I always like it with these polka dots.

These are some of my favorite kinds of projects-small-functional and I get to use up a variety of prints and maybe trim and a vintage button or 2.

These 2 use up some of the stripey woven fabric I've been hoarding.I like how it looks with the florals.Tones the frilly-ness down a bit. The Denyse Schmidt print one on the bottom has a vintage button covering the snap.The Anna Maria Horner up top, uses one of my all time favorite prints-the leopard and roses in linen and has a little woven floral trim on the side-very 'Boho'.I might make up some of these for myself too.I have store loyalty cards I want to keep separate from the rest so I can quickly find them in the store. These make nice little gifts-The top one's in the shop now and the other 2 will probably be there by the time you read this : )
~Have a super day~

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